If you’re a builder, contractor or just somebody who needs to tear things up, we know that for you, time is money. The faster you can do things, the better. But you know you have to be smart about it—you can’t just go destroying everything or you’ll create a bigger mess than when you started. And you have to be safe, because hurting yourself costs you time, which in the end, costs you money.

The Duck Prybar is a revolutionary tool that allows you to remove decking and plywood material with a minimal amount of effort. Its strong, patented design is safety-minded so you can get your work done without worrying about putting an eye out in the process. The innovative device is also designed for little or no damage to the material, which allows you to preserve the removed material for other uses.

The Duck Prybar—prying power when you need it.

The Duck Prybar provides safe, convenient prying power to remove decking material with minimal effort.